Welcome to Louis Trichardt (Makhado) Borehole Drilling

Welcome to Louis Trichardt (Makhado) Borehole Drilling

Welcome to Louis Trichardt(Makhado) Borehole Drilling, we are sure to be of excellent service and advice on all your drilling needs. As we are a company with decades of experience. All our services are carried out with great pride and precision.

Where we drill:

Most of our work is throughout Limpopo as we have multiple drill rigs in all surrounding cities and villages. So we are sure to get your drilling needs done in no time.

Products include:

  • borehole water drilling
  • Pump installations (electrical and pressure pumps)
  • Casings (PVC and Steel)
  • Tanks (average size 2500L)
  • Stands
  • Taps and manhole covers

Just some areas to give you an idea:

  • Madombidzha
  • Ha-madodonga
  • Ha-ravelle
  • Muraleni
  • Tshikota
  • Tshioswi
  • Eltivillas
  • Ha-ramantsha
  • Muduluni
  • Ha-magou
  • Tshikwarani B
  • Ga-madulathoka
  • Maebani Mabudy
  • Matitivhala
  • Makhitha
  • Madabani
  • Harmony
  • Mdoroni

Contact us

Cell: 073 017 4194
E-mail: cat.vanderwalt@yahoo.com


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